Types of Painting Styles in India

Sand Painting: In sand painting, the works done are not permanent. Videos capture the temporary works done very quickly with hand stroke only on a fixed surface. The type of painting is very recent among the others in which controlling speed is needed to give importance. Sand painting requires a lot of patience and can be taxing to do. Miniature Painting: Miniature painting…
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6 Books That Every Engineer Should Read

Are you an engineer and looking for some recommendations on what you can read? Although not an exhaustive list of engineering books, below we take a look at our selection of the top 6 books that we feel every engineer should read. Regardless of what discipline of…

Top 5 Fastest Land Animals in the World

1. Cheetah Speed- 112-120 km/h (70-75 mph) The king of fast runners, the ultimate speed devil, the cheetah is a stunning, graceful mammal known to be the fastest animal on earth. It is designed to running down fast prey, accelerating at an astounding…

2019 Architecture Trends: What to Expect This Year

When you think about architecture, you might imagine the timeless columns of a Grecian revival or the clean lines of a mid-century modern home. But for every classic architecture style, there are a few that didn’t quite weather the test of time. It’s why you can sometimes tell exactly when a home was built based on its architectural style alone (looking at you, 1990s ranch). The trick to…
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The 10 best festival clothing hacks

Every now and again we forget about that punk ethic and become flocks of perfectly starched shirted weirdoes. Then comes the DIYresurgence. Everybody suddenly raids wardrobes and gets comfortable about rips and tears, adding spikes and disheveling their clothes…

Safe Hiking Tips

Numerous factors come into play if you want a safe hiking experience. Thunderstorms, lightning, a surprise snowstorm, dangerous wildlife, or maybe an unstable rock at the edge of a cliff are only some the hazards you could encounter while out on the trail. Having the…

Color Psychology in Packaging Design

Color plays a big role in our lives – yellow and red traffic signs catch your attention and directly impact behavior. As a matter of fact, color is the international language that allows the 1.2 billion drivers on the road to traverse safely… Most of the time, anyway! A red hexagon means STOP in almost every nation, regardless of whether you can read the word. From the day that…
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Kidman is in a trap

This method was exposed by mistake and it went viral for obvious reasons. You can learn good design through these books. Most of which is avoiding bad design. Like chess, Formula 1, and making ravioli… design has rules. The rules are flexible. But the main point of these rules is to avoid bad design. The best part? It’s achievable. Design is all around us in a myriad of…
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